SmartGen | SmartGen Welcomes You at cippe

The 21th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition is held in China International Exhibition Center New Venue from June 8 to 10.


SmartGen mainly shows fracturing truck control system, engine CAN monitoring controller, diesel water pump controller, lighting tower controller, engine exhaust controller, “SmartGen Cloud Plus”, portable charger, wireless remote control and other engineering machinery products in this exhibition.


SmartGen these products are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industry, like workover rig, blender truck, fracturing truck, air compressor, mobile lighting tower unit. Integrating engine and engine driven equipment control and protection, these products have precise control, reliable performance, high protection level and other features, and can remotely monitor equipment operation in real time via “SmartGen Cloud Plus”.


Making control easier!
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Making equipment more reliable!


SmartGen welcomes you at W3-310!



SmartGen | Domestic Low-temperature HGM8100LT Genset Controller





SmartGen low-temperature genset controller can be applied to environment of (-40~+70)°C, mainly used in low temperature, high altitude, strong electromagnetic interference and other places.

In the face of increasingly complex and changing international environment, as well as the current chip shortage and untimely supply, SmartGen has developed a new generation of purely domestic low-temperature genset controller—HGM8100LT series.

HGM8100LT series genset controller has two models: HGM8110LT and HGM8120LT. Their main function comparison is as below:


The purely domestic low-temperature genset controller applies domestic components from core unit like micro-processor, LCD, input/output, communication to keys, LED indicator, wiring terminals. Its launch meets the demand of domestic special market, product function and performance have passed strict test and verification, which reach the same level of foreign devices. It can better solve the requirements of domestic customers for product.

Concentration, professionalism, focus!

For the industry, for the country, for the better future of human!

The purely domestic low-temperature genset controller HGM8100LT must reach its mission!



SmartGen | 2021 Hybrid Energy Control Technology Expert Summit

Climate change is a global problem that humans are facing. With the emission of carbon dioxide in various countries, greenhouse gases are soaring, which threaten the life system. Under this situation, all countries reduce greenhouse gas emission by means of global compact. Thus, China proposes to strive for making carbon dioxide emissions reach the peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

In view of development trend of the future energy pattern, combined with the characteristics of oil engine power generation, we invited leaders and experts from photovoltaic and genset manufacturers to discuss the related technologies of hybrid energy control and the future development direction of the industry in this summit.


Firstly, experts and leaders visited SmartGen’s hybrid energy management and monitoring test system composed of photovoltaic, oil engine, energy storage and mains, R&D center, dust-free automatic production workshop, product testing center, etc. They had a deeper understanding of SmartGen’s product research, development, production and complete testing system.





Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, introduced the company’s development history, current situation and future development direction to the leaders and experts.


For the hybrid energy control system, Mr. Wang from SmartGen R&D center introduced the application scenarios and functional features of hybrid energy controller HES9510, HES7120-PV and hybrid energy monitoring system HES9510-RM. The experts discussed the application mode, scenarios and solutions of hybrid energy control technology; market demand at home and broad, problems encountered and other core issues. Besides, the application of data center unit control, data acquisition and monitoring system, the pain points faced by the industry development and other issues were discussed in depth.


Experts from various enterprises at the summit brainstormed and spoke freely, analyzing and discussing the current situation of product technology, product demand and pain points of various applications, and offering suggestions for the technical development direction of the industry.


Thanks for your coming!
Thanks for your dedication and efforts to the industry development!
Thanks for your company!
Once there is life, there is struggle. The tomorrow will be better with you in the industry!



SmartGen | HGM410N—Boosts Russian Infrastructure Again

Recently, a larger number of HGM410N adapted to 35kW units, which are used in Russian construction sites to protect power supply and ensure electrical safety. This provides strong guarantee for site delivery date and personnel safety!

Site Pictures



SmartGen HGM410N—genset control module, used for automation control of single unit, becomes one of the SmartGen representative cost-effective products with its compact structure!



HGM410N main characteristics:

1.Genset auto start;
2.6 languages and user-defined boot interface;
3.Parameters can be configured from front panel, USB to meet the demand of different applications (eg. engine control);
4.Humanized key design and silicon panel, comfortable and intuitive operation;
5.Multi-parameter monitoring and clear alarm information display;
6.Timing maintenance reminder and password protection.



SmartGen | RSA Perfect Parallel and Grid-connection of Engines

Recently, two 30-year-old 1600kVA V16 MTU engines conduct parallel and grid-connection debugging after maintenance. Two SmartGen genset parallel modules—HGM9510 was applied with two genset busbar and mains parallel control modules—HGM9560. This perfectly realizes parallel of two gensets and grid-connection of two mains. After debugging, two gensets become glowing and show power again.



30-year-old Engines at Site

HGM9510—can realize auto synchronization and load sharing of 32 units with same or different capacities and has following characteristics:

  • Compatible with synchronous parallel control of different engines and generators;
  • PLC and expand digital input, output, can meet demand of specific users;
  • Set parameters via front panel, USB, RS485 to meet application of different parallel mode;
  • Built-in GOV, AVR output control;
  • Load demand, balanced running, mains abnormal start/stop mode;
  • Active power, reactive power and power factor load distribution mode;
  • IP65.



HGM9560—can realize manual/auto parallel of multi-unit and mains, multiple modes of parallel operation with mains are available.



HGM9510&HGM9560 multi-unit grid-connection application solution:




SmartGen | New Water Heater & Oil Heater Launched

SmartGen new engine water heater—HT310/HT322, oil heater—HTL02A/HTL04A came into the market!

Application: When the outside temperature is below 4°C and engine is cranking, its coolant and lubricant may condense into solid state and lose cooling and lubrication effect, thus damaging the engine. Thereby, heater should be installed to ensure engine’s normal cranking and operation when the environment temperature is below 4°C.

HT310/HT322—Engine Water Heater

  • Fine cast aluminum enclosure and special surface treatment with high corrosion resistance and high/low temperature capability;
  • Can work normally at -40°C temperature;
  • Coolant temperature is controlled by thermostat which is installed within the heater. It has simple connections and high reliability;
  • Multiple installation methods, use easily and conveniently, suitable for water-cooled engine with (0~13)L displacement.


HT310/HT322 Water Heater

Parameter Comparison of HT310 and HT322



HT310/HT322 Operating Schematic Diagram:


HTL02A/HTL04A—Oil Heater

  • Stainless steel inner pipes and end closure with high corrosion resistance and solid features;
  • Long service life with the benefit of the low power per unit area;
  • All-in-one design, compact structure and small volume.




Parameter Comparison of HTL02A and HTL04A


SmartGen other heater products (engine jacket heater, engine oil preheater):