Congratulations | First Victory of SmartGen in the Annual Conference & Exhibition of Low-voltage Electrical Appliance

The year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. Despite the tense and turbulent situation, the annual conference of General Low-voltage Electrical Appliance Branch of CEEIA (China Electrical Equipment Industry Association) was held as scheduled in Changzhou, Jiangsu on July 22. More than 400. representatives from nearly 300 manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances all over the country attended the conference. SmartGen was one of the 16 companies to take the products on display.



The products of SmartGen on display were intelligent switching control modules, such as HAT821 -- Dual Power Bus Tie Control Module, HAT880 -- Dual Power Bypass ATS Control Module and etc, which are all intelligent ATS control modules with programmable function, automatic measurement, LCD display and digital communication. With compact structure, advanced circuit, simple connection and high reliability, our products can be widely used in electric installation and automatic control system of electric power, post and telecommunications, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal administration, intelligent building and other industrial sectors.



Our products were highly welcomed and recognized by many delegates, and we also met many former customers. Many representatives took the initiative to ask for more detailed product information and our contact information, hoping to have further cooperation with SmartGen in the future.


This conference is not only the general assembly in 2020, but also the session for the future development of the industry. This conference planned and summarized the priority work in 2020, such as the development and application of new 5G technologies, research and exploration of various new intelligent manufacturing solutions, and so on. At same time, the intelligence and innovation of the company's products, as well as the future development direction of SmartGen are also happened to coincide with the association's requirements for the future technology and development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry.


SmartGen not only makes friends with many good merchants who have never met before, but also has more new markets and opportunities from this conference. In the future, SmartGen will write a new chapter and create more according to the development plan of the General Low-voltage Electrical Appliance Branch and ourselves. Please wait expectantly!



Product Exchange Meeting——New Chapter of Cooperation

Recently, it always rains in Zhengzhou, but no matter how heavy the rain is, it can not stop the communication between Smartgen and its partners.


On July 22, GM Hu of Hubei Langtong power Co., Ltd., GM Zhang of Jiangsu Startlight power Co., Ltd. and some others people with the technical team come to Smartgen in the rainy day to carry out a new round product exchange meeting. At the meeting, the two sides had in-depth communication on a series of problems, such as the functional characteristics, product advantages, product integration degree of Smartgen engineering machine series control module, and had clear solutions for the further cooperation.



The focus of this meeting is the application of Smartgen engineering machine series control module. After years of excellent technology precipitation and market validation, it has had a broad sky in the country and even the world.


HEM8500 engine CAN monitoring module—an intelligent instrument and control equipment integrating microelectronics, electric measurement, digital and analog mixed signal processing, CAN communication, vehicle control and engine electronic control technologies. It can adapt to various types of engines.


The features of HEM8500 are as follows:
1. 4.3-inch TFT color LCD.
2. RS485, double CANBUS interface.
3. One-way 4-20mA analog signal output and two-way 4-20mA analog signal input can be connected with tachometer or torque meter.
4. Manual engine speed control and diagnosis interface.
5. Real time clock, event log.
6. The protection grade of the panel is IP65.
7. Connector wiring mode and a series of features.


The visit of GM Hu and GM Zhang marks a new beginning for better and closer cooperation with Smartgen. At the same time, Smartgen also welcomes more partners come to communicate with us. It is believed that through the exchange of different ideas and technologies, our products will be more suitable for the market and customer demand, which will continue to be the leading role in this industry and have a broader future.



Hybrid Energy Control Module---HES7120-PV

HES7120-PV Hybrid energy control module is used in solar energy control system with inverter as output. It can control the closing and opening of the circuit breaker, start and stop of the inverter and the output power, etc.It can be set as fixed power, busbar control power and inverter control power mode, and display all data and status of solar PV power generation according to the system application.


Function and Characteristics

1、Collect and display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency and power parameters of busbar/PV generation.
2、The busbar has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence, over power, reverse power and voltage imbalance.
3、PV generation has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence and voltage imbalance.
4、The voltage, current and power display of up to 4 solar panel channels can be set.
5、The maximum capacity of PV is calculated by collecting up to three solar panel temperatures and three solar panels illuminance.
6、A variety of temperature, pressure, liquid level, power transmitter, light radiation illumination sensor curve can be used directly.
7、Busbar power acquisition can be obtained by current transformer, power transmitter and communication.
8、With a variety of 485 interface protocol, it can communicate with various inverters with 485 interface.
9、With the function of normal automatic closing and starting with load, automatic soft loading and soft unloading.
10、With the minimum load power setting of the busbar to prevent reverse power transmission to the busbar.
11、With up to 6 busbar power sharing channels, and calculates the total load power of busbar in real time according to the state of input port.
12、It can realize automatic start/stop of PV generation inverter, close and open of circuit breaker switch and perfect fault display protection.
13、Three active power control modes (fixed power, busbar control power, inverter control).
14、Four reactive power control modes (fixed power, busbar control power, power factor, inverter control).


Hybrid Energy Control Test System

The test system is mainly composed of mains, diesel genset, automatic switching of dual power supply, photovoltaic power generation, inverter and hybrid energy control module HES7120-PV.




Description of Working Mode

1. In the manual mode, the inverter is started and stopped by the start/ stop key, and the inverter power circuit breaker is controlled by the close/open key.
2. In the automatic mode, when the busbar is normal, the inverter circuit breaker is closed and the inverter starts to output. When the busbar is abnormal, the inverter circuit breaker is opened and the inverter stops output.
3. In the stop mode, the inverter circuit breaker opens and the inverter does not output.
Note: During the conversion of mains and generation, the inverter circuit breaker shall be opened or the inverter power output shall be stopped; the controller can be set to prohibit ATS conversion.


PV Active Power Control Mode

1. Fixed Power Mode
Active power of constant output setting

2. Busbar Control Power Mode
Set the minimum load percentage ratio of the busbar, and the part exceeding the minimum load setting value of the busbar will be loaded by PV generation. The busbar control mode must be connected to the busbar CT or busbar power transmitter or other communication methods to obtain the busbar power.

3. Inverter Control Mode
The controller does not control the power output, but the inverter controls the output of active power.


Typical Connection Diagram






Application of Multi Master Station Power Management Controller HMC6 in "Guangxiao 05" Ship

Three 175KW gensets are in the network, the load percentage is less than 30%, and the No.3 genset with low splitting priority is in the network

Recently, the power station of "Guangxiao 05" catamaran fire-fighting boat built by JiangLong Ship Building on the coast of the South China Sea has successfully passed the CCS acceptance. The successful acceptance of the automatic power station marks that the ship is one step closer to the mooring navigation test. The on-site commissioning personnel of Zhongzhi technology company will witness this exciting momentstogether with the project management personnel of JiangLong Ship Building, the manufacturer of main switchboard and the manufacturer of main genset.


Guangxiao 05 in Berthing State

The power management system is built by three multi master power management controllers HMC6 and its auxiliary expansion modules on the main distribution board. The system is set in manual and automatic modes, and the startup sequence can be adjusted arbitrarily. In automatic mode, three main gensets can be automatically synchronized and combined according to the priority, and can be automatically adjusted in frequency and load during parallel operation to quickly complete the balanced distribution of active power. When the genset is running with heavy load, the online genset will be increased, and when the load is light, the online genset will be reduced. When the online genset fails, the standby genset will start automatically and automatically start, and the failed genset will automatically exit. When a single genset fails and loses power, the standby main genset can start on its own and close within 30 seconds for power supply. The system can also automatically close and disconnect the disconnector between the busbar A and busbar B. The high-power side thruster has the function of heavy load inquiry, and the system has the function of automatically unloading the non-important load when the parallel operation of the main genset is overloaded.


HMC6 Main Operation Interface


Multi Genset Interface: Three GensetsWorking in the Split Mode


Load Interface of No.3 Main Genset


Test for Main Distribution Board Site 1


Test for Main Distribution Board Site 2

With the help of HMC6 power management controller's built-in power management strategy and rich adjustable parameters, users can quickly realize the balanced distribution of active power and load distribution precision under the harsh conditions of any combination of three units, such as extremely fast synchronous parallel operation, different load percentage, sudden load increase and sudden discharge, etc. by modifying a small number of core parameters in a short time within 3%.

Introduction of the Core Functions of Multi Master Power Management Controller HMC6



Power Management Solution of HMC6 with HMC9000 Diesel Engine Control Box

The system builds a real multi master station system through MSC communication network (CAN bus), and its power management function is realized by the calculation of all generator control units. In the system, a control unit is selected as the "instruction unit", which is responsible for the calculation of the starting priority and other related power management functions of the genset. It can realize automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. If one control unit fails, the power management calculation will be automatically transferred to the next available control unit.

Major Function




WOODWARD easYgen-2000 Series Parallel / Grid Connected Controller


WOODWARD easYgen-2000 series controller is a kind of parallel controller with simple operation, rich functions and high reliability. It can be used for 16 same or different gensets islanding parallel operation or one genset in grid connected operation with mains. The automatic start and stop control logic of the controller can realize more control requirements according to different needs, and optimize the fuel efficiency of multiple units at the same time.

easYgen-2000 series controllers have rich interfaces: CANopen for load sharing, J1939 for engine ECU, RS485 for PLC, HMI and SCADA. Users can choose the appropriate controller according to different requirements.

The analog input interface easYgen-2000 series controller can directly use 0-20mA or 0-2000Ω type sensors without additional equipment.

The analog output of easYgen-2000 series controller can be used for speed regulation and voltage regulation of genset. It has current type, voltage type and PWM signal, which can be selected by controller software without additional conversion equipment.

easYgen-2000 series controller can expand I/O module through CAN interface to add more I/O interfaces, and support the third-party I/O expansion module.

easYgen-2000 series controller is available in 11 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Polish.

easYgen-2000 series controllers have different start and stop logics for diesel and gas engines, which are suitable for various types of engines.

easYgen-2000 series controller event log can record 300 alarms and operation events according to the first in and first out principle for customers to check.


easYgen-2000 series controller interface application:



easYgen-2000 series single-unit grid connected application:



easYgen-2000 series single-unit and grid connected application:



easYgen-2000 series controller alarm level, and most of the alarm input can be programmed to meet the needs of different alarm actions of customers.




Let's applause for the person who has obtained the certificate


Glad Tidings!

The review of the engineering professional title of 2019 has been successfully concluded. 20 people of SmartGen have passed the review of professional titles, including 17 with intermediate professional titles and 3 with senior professional titles. The number of people who passed the annual professional title review reached a record high.

Here, Let's congratulate those colleagues who have obtained the certificate.


Building hundred years SmartGen requires us to hold on your faith and give it your all.

The company will continue to put more efforts on the construction of professional and technical personnel, guide the career development of employees, and accelerate the development of enterprise.