The Lean Improvement Project Competition Of SmartGen (Third Phase)

                                                                    ---Continuous improvement without limits.

The pleasant scenery in May shows her pretty.

The lean improvement system of SmartGen also vigorously blooms her vitality.

"The Lean Improvement Project Competition of SmartGen (Third Phase)" was held in the training room on the afternoon of May 20th.


There were 12 events in this competition. It has significantly improved in depth and breadth compared with the previous two phases. All five elements of management objectives ( Quality, Costing, Deadline, Safety, Morale ) were involved, and the content was brilliant.

In view of the bottleneck of PCB sample patch efficiency in the process of sample trial production, the R & D center perfectly combined the new process, new technology and new equipment to increase the sample welding efficiency by 75%. According to the characteristics of the customized products, the production center responded to the rapid manufacturing needs of such products through the "flexible production line", and also ensured the mass production efficiency of conventional products.

Other departments were even brave and rushed to the front. The judges marveled at everyone's wisdom and admired at everyone's diligence.

General manager Cui Wenfeng and directors of each center participated as judges during the process. After the presentation, the judges made wonderful and pertinent comments, and selected top three from competitors. Wow, Mr.Cui issued certificates of honor to the winners! Wow, there also came the red packets~~



The progress of lean improvement not only injects new vitality into the company's development, but also provides a bigger stage for employees growth. I believe that the lean improvement of SmartGen will be better and better, let's look forward to a more exciting moment next time!




Communication & Power Modules Making Control Easier

In order to quickly solve the problems for customers, SmartGen has developed a small-sized, easy-to-use communication, power modules. The models and functions are as follows:



PTM6940 Transformer Module
Elementary 690V, secondary 400V;
Guide rail mounting;
It is used for 3P3W, 3P4W.



BTM300 Dual DC Power Switch Module
Two inputs, one output;
DC 24V-1A;
LED indication and power supply status relay output;
Guide rail or screw fixed mounting;
Any normal voltage will guaranteen the system power supply.



HRC12 Bluetooth Communication Module
Supports data communication between mobile phone (Android only) and genset;
It is connected with control module via RS485;
The mobile phone APP controls the start/stop of the genset;
Bluetooth communication distance is moren than 50 meters;
The mobile phone APP controls the power supply of the control module or wakes up the unit control module;
Guide rail or screw fixed mounting.



SGB100 Bluetooth Communication Module
Bluetooth 4.1, BLE low power comsumption;
Cooperates with mobile phone APP (IGMPA6) for parameter configuration and device control (Android phones only);
It is Suitable for SmartGen control module with USB SLAVE interface;
Communication distance is up to 10m.



SG72A Communication Convertion Module
RS232 is shifted to USB;
RS485 is shifted to USB;
LINK is shifted to USB;
It is suitable for equipment with above interfaces;
The module power is taken from the USB interface of the computer.



SGUE485 Communication Interface Convertion Module
USB interface (special for SmartGen control module) is converted to isolated standard RS485 interface;
RS485 network can connect with up to 32 nodes;
Guide rail mounting;
USB power supply.




Passion for life, Enthusiasm for work

—— Recorded the “2020 Table Tennis Competition”of production center of SmartGen.

The special start of 2020 was destined to be written into history (Although the global anti-epidemic cost was heavy, we were also witnessing this special history).

SmartGen, as a manufacturing company, resumed work on February 12 on condition that we ensure our security. 100% of production capacity was restored in March.

After a long“ Spring Festival Holiday”, you are embarrassed if your weight does not increase. Why? How sorry for those dead chickens, ducks, fish, pigs. Not losing weight in April, sad for a year. It's a difficult problem before us that burn excess calories. During the epidemic, those widely spread terrorist rumors always strike our fragile heart that wants to lose weight. However, the best resistance to the virus is to improve immunity. what should we do? Don’t worry, the company has already taken action.

At the same time, in order to boost the mental outlook of employees, production center of SmartGen eliminated difficulties and properly formulated a safety plan, held the "2020 Table Tennis Competition" in due course.

The competition was quite fierce, one word summary: DEI (Mandarin means comfortable. Please forgive the editor of Henan dialect. However, only Henan dialect can express my excitement at the moment!)

Friendship first, competition second. No matter you are professional or amateur, all comers are welcome to sign up. Therefore, the level of the participants is quite large, and all kinds of weird moves attracted the audience to laugh.

Some people even improvised a song.

A little ball, running on both sides. you push and i block, nobody wanted.
Turn left and right, jump up and down. Running on the ground.
The little ball always jumped, and vanished from our sight at final.
When we searched in the sky, it appeared .
The little ball was so lively, it made people laugh easily.
It jumped with various posture, and everyone laughed around him.

Come on, follow my perspective, let us relive this passionate days.
Valiant and spirited, our male and female athletes debut:




Look, it's time for the knockout round!

It's him and her, a bunch of little Nezha.



Though the sparrow is small, it has all the features. Our cheering squad’s performance is also put on like NBA.
( Someone may long for the WeChat of single and available Misses!!)


Finally, after a long time of knockouts, the exciting finals began! !

This is men singles final, you push and i block, the scores is changing. Everyone is nervous.


This is women singles final. Bright and brave, superb skill. Who will be the winner? It's really anxious, because i make a bet with a bowl of spicy soup.


Finally, the suspense is over.

Let’s feel the breeze of king together!

At the award ceremony, not only trophy, but also prizes! (jealous.......)

Tremendous strength, facial attractiveness. I will say nothing. I will also participate in the competition next year.




The production center of SmartGen undertakes the task of manufacturing. Busy work, tight time and heavy tasks. Outside of work, the table tennis competition played a huge role in relieving fatigue and stretching the body and mind.

Passion for life, enthusiasm for work.

The competition has come to an end, winning or losing is not the goal. What is the most valuable asset of SmartGen is that employees invest their lives and work happily with a healthy mind and body.

In the future, the company will hold more employee activities.

Let's get ready for exercise.



Moscow only belives in competitiveness--Salute to our strivers

It is an irresistible trend for“Intelligently made in China” to go abroad.

The 15 * 800kW gas power station project in Murom, Russia is contracted by Weichai, the power system adopts gas engine of Weichai Baudouin, its body heater adopts HWP40 of SmartGen, the control system adopts the HGM9510 parallel control cabinet of SmartGen. According to the special requirements of customers, SmartGen has developed a personalized human-machine interaction (HMI) centralized monitoring system.

Since Jan.5, 2020, the equipment installation and commissioning of the whole project have gone through more than 100 days, from white snow to scorching sun. During this period, our Chinese team braved the cold and gave up the opportunity of family reunion during the Spring Festival, especially in ourbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, they overcame the difficulties together, showing a high degree of professional ethics and qualities. The rigorous work style of no afraid of hardship, no complaints and initiative action, but also the high reliability of the equipment, has won the owner's high recognition and great praise. At present, the project has achieved stage result.

Great things in the world must be done in minute detail. It is precisely by virtue of excellent competitiveness and the spirit of pursuing perfection in details that “Intelligently made in China” has entered the international market step by step and taken deep roots. These more than 100 lonely, cold days and nights in the outskirts of Moscow, no pretentious behaviors and tears, only action! Because Moscow only believes in competitiveness.





When the familiar melody begins, let's pay tribute once again to the most lovely people who are still struggling on the front line, struggling in a foreign country! Thanks for your hard work! Here's thumb up for you!


Our motherland will not forget you, we will not forget you!

Please take care of yourself. When the day of triumph is coming, let's talk about Sangma with wine!




Here is “Letter of thanks” from Weichai:




Marine Diesel Control Solutions of SmartGen


MGCP100B Series Diesel Control Box

After ten years of consistent R&D and product promotion in marine diesel control and power management control of automatic power station, MGCP100B series diesel control boxes and HMC6 power management modules provided by SmartGen with advanced technology, full functions and complete certificates have increased in the high-end marine market year by year, gaining rich experience in field of diesel control of marine propulsion engines, marine auxiliary engines and marine gensets with different uses.


Features of SmartGen marine diesel control solutions

1. MGCP100B series control boxes are appliable for marine diesel of different speed regulation (machanical , electronic and ECM control).
2. Master control module with backlight LCD display, Chinese/English optional, the main parameters can be set through panel to realize “one button operation”.
3. Up to 16 remote monitoring modules can be extended by CANBUS.
4. 2 pieces of 16 digital inputs (DIN16A), 2 pieces of 16 relay outputs (DOUT16B), 2 pieces of 16 PT100 inputs (AIN16 - PT), 2 pieces of 16 4 ~ 20 mA inputs (AIN16 - C), 2 pieces of 16 analog integrated extension modules (AIN16 - M02) can be extended by CANBUS, which can realize multi-channel digital inputs, temperature, pressure, speed data sampling, relay and 4 ~ 20 mA output can be configured at the same time.
5. CANBUS can be used to extend the security module (RPU560A) to achieve multiple protection of the engine.
6. It can be controlled and communicated by CANBUS and dozens of EFI diesels with J1939 interface.
7. With RTC, alarm information display and event log, it is convenient to daily maintenance and fault inquiry.


Standardized control modules and extension modules

Classification societies have strict regulations for marine diesel gensets and marine engines control and protection, SmartGen adopts the main control module and extension module topological structure to build control system, strictly in accordance with the classification rules for design, with 22 years experience in the field of diesel control to ensure the highly standardized modules development process and the product functions.

Marine Diesel Control Series




MGCP100 series diesel engine control box with various functions


MGCP100L and MGCP100B series control boxes are based on the design concept of master control module and extension module. The master control module and extension module are connected through the standard CANBUS interface, following a unified network topology. At the same time, the master control module is pre-built with a set of programmable configuration parameters, so the user can change the working mechanism of the control system without changing the circuit.


HMC4000/HMC6000A/HMC9000A control modules have the models to support J1939 interface, suitable for makers of marine EFI diesel controlled by ECM, the speed control unit and some sensors could be saved from the topology.


Control Topology of HMC6000A Engine Control Module in Complex Applications



Control Topology of HMC9000A Engine Control Module in Complex Applications


Users can use MGCP100B-2 diesel control box and its supporting remote transmission module on the diesel master genset, emergency genset and main propulsion diesel to make a one-stop marine power and automatic power station solution with the HMC6 power management control module developed by SmartGen.


Power Management Application



One-stop Service

SmartGen has a professional marine products service team, which can provide customers with one-stop services such as solution design, production, product certification (CCS, BV) and debugging guidance from the diesel control and automatic power station power management.



MGCPB-2 Series Diesel Control Box


A 20 meters patrol boat from a marine bureau equipped with two Scania DI13 EFI diesel; MGCP100B-2 diesel control box and HRM3300 remote monitoring module in the control console of SmartGen adopted to realize side and remote control operation. The bimotored driven and twin-screw boat is mainly used for law enforcement patrols along the Yangtze River waterway to ensure safe and orderly shipping.


Power Station Solution: MGCP100B-2 + HLS300 Power Sharing Module


Three official ships of a shipyard equipped with Cummins main genset. MGCP100B-2 diesel control boxes with HMC9000A as the master control modules are used, the switch panel is an automatic power station built by HLS300 load distributor and HSM300 sync control module.


MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


4 main gensets (Cummins EFI diesel) on a surveying ship are equipped with MGCP100B-2 diesel control box with HMC9000A master control module.


The MGCP100B-2 diesel control box is installed on the main propulsion and the main control module is HMC9000A.


HRM3300 and HMC6000RM Remote Transmission Module Application


HRM3300 and HMC6000RM remote transmission modules installed on the driving console and AMS alarm monitoring platform.


MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


Cummins master engine: HMC6000 diesel control box with security module, switch expansion control module, remote transmission module, which can detect engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, water pressure, battery voltage and other parameters. With water level alarm input, fuel leakage alarm input, low pressure alarm input, anti-condensation heating functions, as well as multiple alarm outputs that the alarm point can be extended.


MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


VOLOV D7 master engine: HMC6000 diesel control box with power conversion module, digital output expansion module, battery charger and two sets of remote monitoring modules; it can monitor the engine speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, water pressure, battery voltage and other parameters, with fuel leakage, low water level alarm input functions.



Gathering with think tank, making control easier


Founded in 1998, SmartGen focuses on the engine control of R&D, manufacture, sale and service of related products!

Accumulatively developed more than 400 products, of which the genset controllers take the lead at home.

There are 11 offices in mainland China and more than 50 agents overseas.

More than 70 R&D engineers and nearly 400 patents.




With 22 years of sustainable development, the products have passed CE, UL, CCS, BV and other certifications and made a great contribution in the field of national defense, data center, shipping, telecommunications, etc.


With 22 years of sustainable development, we constantly increase laboratory equipment such as EMC, environment, real machine, etc. Strict and systematic testing to ensure stable and reliable product quality.


With 22 years of sustainable development, we continuously improve the "smart" manufacturing level of the dust-free workshop, independently develope automatic test equipment, and improve the efficiency and reliability of production. Six sigma and MES production execution systems have been introduced.


With 22 years of sustainable development, we continuously improve technology R&D capability, introduce IPD (Integrated Product Development) and PLM (Product Life Cycle Management), and build an efficient and professional R&D team guided by market demand.


With 22 years of sustainable development, we continuously improve the technical level of marketing and service teams, introduce OA(Office Automation) system, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and create customer-focused development concepts of close-fitting, personalized and quick response.


22 years, we forge ahead;
22 years old, in the prime of the youth;
Let’s run hand in hand for a better tomorrow.



Sailing before the winds and patrolling in the Changjiang River


One 20-meter patrol boat from a marine bureau is equipped with two Scania DI13 EFI engines; the control system and driving console adopt HMC9000A diesel control module and HRM3300 remote monitoring control module of SmartGen respectively. The control modules are connected by CANBUS to realize side and remote control operation, which is simple, stable and reliable. The bi-motor driven and twin-propeller boat is mainly used in the waterway patrol and law enforcement of the Changjiang River to ensure safe and orderly navigation.