SmartGen | Genset Cloud Monitoring FAQ

SmartGen cloud monitoring modem can be connected to SmartGen cloud server (SmartGen Cloud Plus) via GPRS, network, WiFi to realize genset remote monitoring.


Cloud Monitoring Solution

A few days ago we found that some customers could use cloud monitoring normally when the unit was commissioned, but it did not work properly after it was sent to the site.The following common causes and solutions are specially sorted out for your reference!

─The controller communication address is changed by the customer on site, resulting in inconsistency with the unit communication address set in the background, making it impossible to communicate. The performance of fault is cloud modem RS485 light is always on, GPS and GPRS lights are flashing, power light is always on. This is a more frequent situation, be careful not to change controller communication address at will.

─Field controller 485 wire is unplugged, making communication impossible.

─GPS cannot position—the phenomena is that positioning has been the previous address, other data are normal, but cloud modem GPS light is always on. At this time, you can check whether there is a problem with GPS antenna connection.

─IOT cards are reused. Under the current rule, the IOT card can only match one cloud modem or integrated controller. If IOT card is activated for use in the first device and then inserted into another device for use, it will cause card locking to fail to communicate. In this case, you can put the card into the original device and wait for it to be unlocked or report to the IOT card vendor to re-bind the card with the new device. Remember that one card can only be used on one device in order to avoid locking. Do not use one card for multiple purposes!

─IOT card is normal but cloud modem cannot communicate. At this point may be the card is not correctly inserted, you can try to reinstall the card. Pay attention to whether the card slot is in good condition and can be closely combined with the card.

More questions continue to be collected and summarized. SmartGen, making control easier!



SmartGen | CAN Monitor Controller HEM8400 for Drainage Pump Unit

HEM8400 engine CAN monitoring controller is an intelligent instrument and controlling device that combines microelectronic technique, electric measurement technique, digital-analog hybrid signal processing technique, CAN communication technique, vehicle controlling technique and engine electronic control technique. It is the ideal product for engineering vehicles’ CAN communication and electric device control with its high integration and powerful CAN gateway functions (can replace Murphy display totally).

Recently, one customer used HEM8400 controller in city drainage pump units.


HEM8400 can monitor engine parameters like water temperature, oil pressure, speed, inlet temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel pressure, turbo boost pressure, adjust engine idle speed to rated speed via manual throttle switch, and make pump in optimal status according to site water quality.


Debugging Site



HEM8400 function and characteristics:

· Engine CAN monitoring controller, suitable for various engines;
· 4.3-inch TFT color LCD display;
· RS485, dual CANBUS interface;
· Manual engine speed adjusting and diagnosis interface;
· Real time clock, event log;
· Protection level IP65;
· Connector wiring.

SmartGen has upgraded engine CAN monitoring controller HEM8500 that adds 1-way (4-20mA) output, 2-way (4-20mA) input for your choice!





SmartGen | HGM9560+HGM9510 Methane Power Control in Jiangsu Farm

Methane power generation is methane utilization technology that emerged with the continuous development of large methane tank construction and comprehensive utilization of methane. It applies methane produced by anaerobic fermentation treatment to the engine and is equipped with an integrated power generation unit to generate electricity and heat. The methane power is beneficial, energy-saving, safe and environmental, which is a cheap distributed energy.

This time the customer comes from a large dairy farm in Jiangsu, using methane to generate power. The site adopts two 250kW gensets using HGM9510 to parallel.



Power Control Site

The customer uses HGM9560 mains control mode at the same time, which can realize the distribution of genset and mains load power and unit load power via setting mains load percentage, thus realizing grid-connection without on-grid.

Set two HGM9510 as “Start on Demand” and “Balanced Running Time” to realize single unit running under low load mode and two gensets run in turn under long-time low power running mode.


HGM9510 is equipped with cloud monitoring module CMM366B-4G that can monitor genset data in real time and record power accumulation and accumulated running time via mobile APP and PC version “SmartGen Cloud Plus”.


SmartGen Cloud Plus Solution





SmartGen currently has upgraded parallel controller HGM9510N that has passed UL certificate for your choice!




SmartGen | ACC7100A Controller Helps National Oilfield Project

Liaohe Oilfield is a large joint venture focusing on oil and gas exploration and development, supplemented by diversified development like oil and gas deep processing. It was once the third largest oilfield in China and ranked among the top 500 largest enterprises in China. Nitrogen injection into oil wells can help oil production and is widely applied at present.

Three sets of nitrogen injection units equipped with ACC7100A air compressor controller at an operation base in Liaohe Oilfield are running continuously and reliably.



Nitrogen Injection Units


The units equipped with Weichai WP13 engine can provide stable and reliable power for customers. The site operation of all units are dedicated to the cause of oil exploration in our country!


Weichai WP13 Engine


Controller site parameter display:



ACC7100A air compressor controller introduction:


1.CANBUS interface (built-in 120Ω resistor), GOV function;
2.RS485 interface (built-in 120Ω resistor), “four remote” (remote control, remote measurement, remote communication, remote adjusting) function;
3.DPF regeneration function, which meets Euro V emission standard;
4.8-way analog sensors: 2-way fixed resistance type, 2-way fixed current type, 4-way flexible resistance/current/voltage type, which can precisely detect data of fuel level, air compressor venting pressure, and venting temperature etc.;
5.Speed can be automatically adjusted and stabilized according to venting pressure of the air compressor;
6.Working temperature: (-40~+70)°C.


Typical application diagram:




SmartGen丨Minister Xiao Yaqing of MIIT And His Party Visited SmartGen

On the morning of November 27, Xiao Yaqing, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Liang Zhifeng, Director of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Fei Dongbin, Standing Committee and Vice Governor of Henan Provincial Committee, Zhu Ming, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Industry and Information Department, Hou Hong, Deputy Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Zhengzhou, and relevant responsible comrades from provinces and municipalities visited Jinsuo Road Factory of SmartGen for investigation and guidance.


After listening to General Manager Cui Wenfeng's introduction to the company's production and operation, Minister Xiao and his party first visited the company's exhibition hall to learn about the company's development history, SmartGen brand building and the main products at this stage. In the process, Minister Xiao paid special attention to the localization of product components and the progress of the company's important projects. Subsequently, Minister Xiao and his party visited the testing center and production workshop, and affirmed the company's product quality requirements, manufacturing level, industry reputation, market conditions and other aspects.


General Manager Cui Wenfeng was very grateful to the leaders for their attention to SmartGen. Although Zhengzhou has experienced the "7.20" rainstorm and COVID-19 this year, with the support of the provincial government's "Interconnection of Thousands of Enterprises" campaign and other policies, the staff of SmartGen were United, and the company's performance has still achieved good growth.


Minister Xiao said that enterprises should not only be satisfied with their current achievements and status, but also continue to innovate, develop and create better products as a technology-based company focusing on R & D. In addition, Minister Xiao stressed that the senior leaders of SmartGen need to make adequate planning and preparation for the further development of the company in the future capital market. As for the shortage of high-end talents and the difficulty of recruitment faced by the company, Minister Xiao also agreed with the company's practice of "going out" for senior scientific research posts. Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to strengthen investment in talent introduction, talent echelon construction and scientific and technological innovation, and build a "knowledge-intensive" high-tech enterprise with highly independent intellectual property rights.


At the end of the survey, Minister Xiao encouraged the members of SmartGen to work hard and carry forward the enterprise spirit of SmartGen. At the same time, he hoped that SmartGen could enter the capital market as soon as possible, obtained a broader platform, and let more people know about SmartGen and recognized its products.



SmartGen丨Making the device a work of art

The relationship between equipment and production is like the relationship between tableware and eating.
The relationship between equipment technicians and equipment is like the relationship between doctors and patients.
Among these "doctors", I have to mention a handsome guy-Pang Shuai.

No matter workshop or factory, you could often see Pang Shuai. The company's equipment and facilities and an ordinary screw, had traces that he has studied. The sun was shining fiercely, the sweat-soaked clothes were wet and then dried; The snow was heavy, the snow-wet face was serious and careful. Looking at the plan, thinking of ways, and eliminating risks, Pang Shuai always used simplicity to influence his colleagues around him. 


Pang Shuai has entered SmartGen for nearly 6 years. He has accumulated very rich experience in equipment maintenance. All kinds of difficult problems of the equipment could always be solved. In the face of equipment abnormalities, he could always analyze scientifically and deal with it calmly. 

He always said "As long as there are hidden dangers, they will definitely happen. Equipment management must not tolerate carelessness." Therefore, while doing the daily maintenance of equipment, Pang Shuai has been actively promoting TPM (Comprehensive Equipment Management) work. In his spare time, he sorted out and summarized relevant knowledge points such as how to detect the abnormal performance of the equipment and how to judge the operation status of the equipment, and explained to colleagues, and taught them the daily maintenance methods of the equipment according to the different characteristics of various types of equipment. 


In Pang Shuai's eyes, every seemingly hard and cold device is an "artwork" that needs to be taken care of. He often says, "Equipment is alive, we need to feel and take care of it. We can listen to the sound, smell the smell, measure the temperature, and touch the vibration to perform a physical examination on the equipment." Regarding every piece of equipment and every wiring as a "artwork". Pang Shuai has won many benchmarking honors with his solid professional skills, excellent work performance, and serious work attitude. 

He is an ordinary member of SmartGen, but he shines with extraordinary qualities. It is these qualities that enable our company to develop healthily and rapidly, and enable our users to experience better services!