SmartGen | Guangxi Yuchai-SmartGen Exchange Meeting

Just after two festivals, SmartGen held the first marine engine technology exchange meeting in 2020. Leaders and experts from Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department came to SmartGen for two-day in-depth exchanges.


Firstly, Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen, warmly welcomed the arrival of all the leaders and experts from Guangxi Yuchai! It is hoped that two sides will strengthen technical exchanges, give more valuable advice and suggestions to SmartGen; and continue to innovate and contribute to the continuous improvement of the intelligent level in marine electric field.


Accompanied by General Manager Cui Wenfeng, Yuchai leaders visited SmartGen's R&D center, dust-free anti-static electronic production workshop, control cabinet processing workshop and product testing center (environmental laboratory, EMC laboratory, real machine laboratory).

SmartGen introduced the relevant products and solutions in the field of marine application at present and communicated the supporting scheme for Yuchai engine; also made a detailed and in-depth exchange on the current situation of marine market, technical requirements of engine monitor and other aspects.




Thanks to the leaders and experts of Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department for returning to their hometown - Henan!

Thank you for your guidance and valuable opinions from all the leaders and experts of Guangxi Yuchai marine electric department!



SmartGen | CANBUS Relay Module-SGCAN300


RS232, RS485, CANBUS Theoretical Communication Distance:

1.Theoretical transmission distance of RS-232 protocol is 10 meters;
2.Theoretical transmission distance of RS-485 protocol is 1000 meters;
3.CANBUS theoretical transmission distance is shown in the table below:


The stability and timeliness of data transmission can be optimized by selecting appropriate communication interface and baud rate in equipment monitoring. In the application of multi-units parallel system, there may be a situation that multiple gensets are far away (more than 250 meters). In order to meet the requirements of long-distance communication, SmartGen will launch a CANBUS relay module-SGCAN300 in the near future.

Main Features

1.Conversion of CANBUS and optical fiber;
2.Conversion of RS485 and optical fiber;
3.CANBUS Relay;
4.Dial switch set RS485, CAN communication baud rate;
5.DC8-35V continuous power supply, DC reverse connection protection;
6.RS485 interface (isolated, half-duplex, baud rate 9600bps, 19200bps optional);
7.CAN interface (isolated, baud rate 50kbps, 125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps optional);
8.Optical fiber interface, transmission distance:>2km.

Communication Conversion Diagram



Typical Application Diagram of MSC1 and Optical Fiber Conversion


Typical Application Diagram of RS485 and Optical Fiber Conversion


Typical Application Diagram of MSC1 and MSC2


Description of LED indicator




Case Dimensions and Installation




SGCAN300 Communication Relay Diagram




SGCAN300 Application Case





SmartGen | New Charger BAC06N Series Launched


The BAC06N series chargers have a new design, whose enclosure is 6063 aerial aluminum alloy and high-temperature resistant composite material. In addition to increasing the heat dissipation area, the BAC06A is smaller, lighter, and more efficient than its predecessor (BAC06A). On the basis of the original short-circuit protection and reverse connection protection, it adds absorption timing and BOOST functions; and it can be charged automatically by selecting two-stage or three-stage charging method.


Model Comparison



Overall Dimensions


The launch of BAC06N not only makes the installation faster and more convenient, but also saves more space inside the control box. The internal layout and overall dimensions of the control box can be further optimized. The BAC06N series is now available for sale, please consult the sales director of SmartGen's offices for details.


Order Model




SmartGen | Celebrating "The Seventh Beer Festival Of Smartgen"

To celebrate 71 years anniversary of the motherland, coincides with the occasion of National Day falls on Mid-Autumn Festival, SmartGen organized the Seventh beer festival. In this beautiful season with the invigorating autumn climate and osmanthus fragrance. All the colleague of SmartGen gathered together, took up the wine cup and chatted merrily.

Hosts debut


The speech from General Manager Cui Wenfeng


The key employees debut


Tug-of-war competition


Champion - dark horse


Talk show of SmartGen


Priceless sisters- beautiful and sassy sisters


Kang Ding Love Song of zither version


Brave boys from electronic control workshop


The king of drinking competition




Happy and lucky draw


The creator of delicious food


Don't forget why we started and move forward bravely. We are all SmartGeners.
People-oriented, happy work. I'll see you next year.
May all of us will work together to win the future !!!




SmartGen | 2nd China Marine Electric Propulsion Technology Summit


On September 11, the second China Marine Electric Propulsion Summit was successfully held in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province. The summit was initiated by Cummins East Asia Marine Engine Division, and together with CSIC Shanxi Fenxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuxi Silent Electric System (SES) Technology Co., Ltd, Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Hug Engineering (Shanghai) Company Limited and SMARTGEN (ZHENGZHOU) TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. About 220 guests from 105 research institutes, design institutes and ship owners from the national shipbuilding industry, represented by China Classification Society, were invited to attend the summit.

The summit was hosted by Lin Song, Secretary General of the summit and chief engineer of Cummins East Asia Marine Engine. The summit opened with a presentation by Yang Rui, Chief Engineer of the Ship Center of China Waterborne Transport Research Institute, who shared the national policy support for marine electric propulsion technology. Cummins brought the application of high-speed engine for electric propulsion ships, as well as the application of Cummins Hydrogenics hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen production / storage system. SES Company shared the introduction of latest China intelligent chip-domestic variable frequency electronic control technology. Faurecia Hug Engineering Company introduced their latest exhaust gas after-treatment technology. SmartGen showed ship power management and intelligent engine control solutions. These innovative achievements and forward-looking technologies caused heated discussion among the guests. Wuhan Institute of Standardization of China Classification Society introduced the code system and application of clean energy electric propulsion ships, and Wuhan Changjiang Ship Design Institute introduced the technical changes brought by the co-existence of multiple energy sources in ships. The development of China's intelligent ship technology shared by Shanghai Ship Design Institute Innovation Center and the development situation and outlook of unmanned ship technology shared by Zhuhai Yunhang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. reflected the cross-border integration of technology and the Internet of new generation intelligent ships in big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other fields, and demonstrated the important trend of future ship development for the summit guests.


Group Photo of Guests


Technology Sharing among Participants

After nearly a decade of continuous technical research and development and product promotion in the field of marine diesel control and marine automatic power station power management control, SmartGen has provided MGCP100B/L series marine diesel control box and HMC6 power management controller with advanced technology, powerful functions and complete certificates. Their market share in medium and high-end marine power and distribution control has increased year by year. SmartGen also accumulated rich practical experience in the field of marine propulsion engine, marine auxiliary engine and marine genset control.

MGCP100B/L series marine diesel control box with Cummins marine engine application case sharing:


MGCP100 series diesel control box topology (using HMC9000A)

SmartGen MGCP100B-2 marine diesel engine control box with Cummins B3.9 and L8.9 marine engine for 20 meters survey vessel "Haixun 16601":


SmartGeni MGCP100B-2 marine diesel engine control box with B5.9 CMII113G, L8.9 CMII211G engines for the main genset:


Application case of SmartGen HMC6 power management controller in marine automatic power station:


Reconstruction of automatic power station of Gangwanshenlong dredger:


Yueshanchengyu 16118—the first newly built ocean fishing ship powered by LNG fuel designed by CSS605:


"Jujie 701" 700-ton semi-submersible crane vessel uses three HMC6 power management controllers to build a 3*500KW marine automatic power station power management system:


The main switchboard of Weishan 1 refueling pontoon uses two HMC6 power management controllers to build a 2*64KW marine automatic power station power management system:


Economical PMS solutions and cases:


HLS300 economical power management system—Application of HLS300+HEP300 in Ningde squid fishing ship semi-automatic power station:


The power station is equipped with 3 2*400KW (1500RPM) +1*700KW (1000RPM) ECU units with different power, the power management system uses HLS300 power share module to complete the load distribution among gensets. Through the electronic potentiometer (HEP300), the relay output signal of PI stepper controller is converted into the control voltage signal required by GOV.



SmartGen | Success of SmartGen GPOWER&UL Certification Ceremony

On September 23, 2020, along with the cool and refreshing brought by the first day of autumn, SmartGen ushered in two major events of the year at the same time: one is the successful participation of GPOWER2020 exhibition; the other is that the UL certification ceremony of UL Safety Test Institute and SmartGen was held smoothly at the exhibition site!


Complete Success of SmartGen GPOWER Exhibition

It is obvious that this GPOWER exhibition is not easy to hold. But in the crowded booth of SmartGen, we can see that the enthusiasm for technology and product exchange in the industry has not diminished! While expressing their recognition of SmartGen's products, customers also put forward a lot of valuable suggestions, pointing out the direction for our follow-up research and development and service improvement.


Part of Photos of SmartGen GPOWER Exhibition

In this exhibition, SmartGen has another important harvest: Star products have passed UL + CUL double certification in the United States and Canada! We also obtained the first dual certificate of UL/ULC6200 for genset control modules in China!


At the certification ceremony, Mr. Qi Anquan, Senior Engineering Manager of UL China, said that SmartGen's certification will certainly play a positive demonstration and driving role for genset export enterprises in terms of product compliance.


Mr. Qi Anquan, Senior Engineering Manager of UL China, made a speech.

At the same time, Mr. Cui Wenfeng, General Manager of SmartGen, briefly described the company's development process, product research and development, quality control and other aspects, saying that the UL certification of SmartGen’s products, on the one hand, is a strong proof of the company's efforts over the years, on the other hand, is also an incentive for us to make more strict requirements on our future product development and production!


Mr. Cui Wenfeng, General Manager of SmartGen, made a speech


UL Certification Site


UL Certificate

The complete success of this exhibition is inseparable from the support of many partners and new and old customers. Thanks again for your visit and guidance. The GPOWER2020 exhibition has come to an end. Let's see you next year! Hopefully the next exhibition will bring more great products and more surprises for everyone!